Spread The Aloha Foundation

Our foundation is proud to support local, regional and international non-profits that further causes that we are closely tied to. We support some really amazing organization, all of which we have a personal connection with. Always happy to help or promote these great organizations.


Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas

The Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas has been instrumental in dealing with Amber’s development of Epilepsy while 37.5 weeks pregnant pregnant with our 2nd son.

The foundation holds several annual fundraisers, supporting those that can’t afford anti-convulsants, and are fighting to help those who live with the risk of seizures.

The Lake Clinic

I had the opportunity to work with John Morgan years ago while he was at the Children’s Hospital in Siem Repp, Cambodia. He has since gone on to run The Lake Clinic, a floating medical facility that serves difficult to reach villages in the Tonle Sap.



Casis Elementary

Our son Arlo entered kindergarten here in 2018. We believe strongly in what this Austin public elementary school is doing with our kids and the kids of our community and are happy to support their extra curricular activities.