Paddling the Upper Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe River is spring fed and begins near Kerrville, not far from the Herald E. Butts (H.E.B.) family ranch, according to our happy bus driver.  It flows from the Hill Country to the Gulf of Mexico and is host to many tubers, kayakers and anglers.  Since the Geary's moved to Spring Branch last year, we have been excited to explore the upper regions of the Guadeloupe River. With Chris and Allex in from Oklahoma, and April and Rick, we had a great crew.

Last weekend we tackled the 4.5 mile stretch from Nichols Landing (formorly known as Specs Landing) to the 281 bridge. Water was up a little from the recent rains and flowing at 40CFS, we decided we wouldn't want to go in canoes if it were much lower than 30.  

Good times on the water.