Cray Cray

A return visit to the Lower Colorado with Sharelunker member David, was cray cray.  And by that I mean those bass are hungry and in line at a mud bug buffet.  

We barely paddled, and mostly let the river take us where she was going.  We eddied out at several holes around the island, and got out to wade fish a couple of times too.  The river anchor also allowed us to sit on top of a couple of honey holes that would have produced all day.

David was excited to see so much hydrilla, and many a bass were sheltered there.  The hydrilla was mostly on the upper stretch of the run.  We both also hit the Lower Co. trifecta, catching at least 1 of three species of Guadeloupe River Bass, Largemouth Bass and Catfish.  The cat I had on the line, according to David, was a 7-8 pounder, and we were thrilled while thinking it was a bass, going through a little ripple, then me hopping out of the boat to beach it, before it broke off.  

We didn't keep count, but bet we had 30 fish in the boat, I'll give David 20 and I'll take 10.  Most were in the 3 pound range, but that's including the Guads.  We scared up a couple of bigger bass, a 4 pounder and David had a big one on the line, maybe 7 or more, it broke off his 14lbs test line.  There are some big ones out there.  We were out the door at 6:40 and off the river at 3:30, it was like being a kid again, cray cray.