E-Rock Summit Trail

Enchanted Rock is an old volcano that never erupted, at least that is what I read somewhere and told Arlo, which really stuck, so i hope it's true (real truth here).

While I had been to E-rock many times, it has been years since visiting, and apparently a lot more people like old volcanoes these days, so that if you get there after the parking lot is full, there is a 2 hour park closure.  Not cool with kids.  We get there at 10:30 and didn't have a problem, but it's a thing.

We stayed at the Hill House and BC and Thatcher stayed behind, while April, Dan, Arlo and myself met the Langdon's (sans their youngest son Jack) to hike to the summit.  

Arlo did pretty good, although it was so windy at the top, he needed to be carried.  We tried to play in the boulder field on the way down, but he just hit his head.