Texas Monthly BBQ Festival

The 3rd Annual Texas Monthly BBQ Festival was a smoking good time.  21 of Texas' greatest BBQ joints hand picked by Texas Monthly came to Austin to celebrate meat.  Brisket, sausage and plenty of ribs were smoked up and attendees could sample Texas's bounty without having to pile into the wagon and hit the road.  

In my humble opinion, Lamberts from Austin had the best brisket, Buzzies from Kerrville had the best sausage (beef and pork mixture with cheese and jalapeños) and East Texas classic Country Tavern had the best ribs.  

Some shady folks at the shady table.  Thanks to the Thornson's for a great home base.

After stuffing my belly, our crew moved to the grass, sat in the shade, and listened to Hayes Carll and his band play.  

Hayes Carl rocks away the afternoon in downtown Austin, TX.

Hayes Carll and me after the show.

Looking forward to next year's festival.  Cheers!