How to Play Kubb

How to play kubb shows you exactly how I play the ancient game of Lawn Darts, Yard Chess, Throw Stick, whatever.  It can be played on grass, snow, sand, gravel, virtually anywhere.  It's great for tailgating, camping, picnics, and lazy daze in the park.  The Kubb set can be made with a saw and a trip to the hardware store, or purchased online.  It is safe for all ages.  The game can take anywhere from a few minutes, to over an hour, depending on the size of the pitch and the ability of the players.  Go ahead and play, you won't be sorry for long.

Thanks to Andrew Minnick of for help shooting How to Play Kubb.

There are resources available to buy a Kubb set, but I believe it's cheaper, and more fun, to build your own set.  Below is a DIY cut sheet and check out Built By Kids description of how they built their set.

DIY Kubb set.  

A king I made as a Christmas present.