Happy 3rd Birthday Arlo!

Can't leave my main man Arlo of this year's list of birthday blog posts.  

I guess when you're 3, your birthday lasts an entire week.  Arlo got started at the Hill House, while I was at ACL, but that's another post...I guess it's the previous one.

I took Monday after ACL off from work, which was the greatest thing ever.  Got the kids out the door, had a nice lunch with @DPJones15, took a leisurely stroll through Central Market and even had a coffee while I shopped.  Record scratch.  Wait a second, this wasn't my birthday, it was my boys'!  

I broke Arlo out of Open Door and took him to Peter Pan Put-Put.  He's really into Golf, his favorite golfer goes between Rickie and Rory, no matter how much I'm pushing Jordan Speith. 

Check back here after the weekend.  We have a Cars themed birthday party in the park that should garner some good times.

What a day!  Such a perfect little party, spending time in the park, which is what Arlo and I would like to be doing anyway, but with tons of family and friends!

After the party, Texas beat OU!  As Arlo would say, "Whaaaaaat?!"  

Adrians, Mom and Dad, Linda and April came over to the house to watch the Bears and the Horns, I snuck a jog in during nap time, then dinner with the Kauffman's and Guillory's.  Nice lil' Saturday.


Justin Ross