Happy 3rd Birthday Arlo!

Can't leave my main man Arlo of this year's list of birthday blog posts.  

I guess when you're 3, your birthday lasts an entire week.  Arlo got started at the Hill House, while I was at ACL, but that's another post...I guess it's the previous one.

I took Monday after ACL off from work, which was the greatest thing ever.  Got the kids out the door, had a nice lunch with @DPJones15, took a leisurely stroll through Central Market and even had a coffee while I shopped.  Record scratch.  Wait a second, this wasn't my birthday, it was my boys'!  

I broke Arlo out of Open Door and took him to Peter Pan Put-Put.  He's really into Golf, his favorite golfer goes between Rickie and Rory, no matter how much I'm pushing Jordan Speith. 

Check back here after the weekend.  We have a Cars themed birthday party in the park that should garner some good times.

What a day!  Such a perfect little party, spending time in the park, which is what Arlo and I would like to be doing anyway, but with tons of family and friends!

After the party, Texas beat OU!  As Arlo would say, "Whaaaaaat?!"  

Adrians, Mom and Dad, Linda and April came over to the house to watch the Bears and the Horns, I snuck a jog in during nap time, then dinner with the Kauffman's and Guillory's.  Nice lil' Saturday.


Justin Ross

Summer in ATX

Our crew and Aunt April are in full on prep mode for Colorado.  We took a hike into the Greenbelt in search of water.  Granted our first effort failed, we actually found some nice aqua at the Barton Skyway and MoPac entrance, hanging a left at the bottom of the hill, it was only about 10 minutes from the car.  

Follow up that morning with a cruise on Lake Austin with the leading couple from the Jones family and you've got yourself a summer Saturday in ATX.

Hiking the Greenbelt

This spring has been extremely wet, and Arlo and I are taking advantage.  There 's a great little spot in the Greenbelt and the water is the perfect depth for Arlo right now.  I was able to let him play on his own without too much concern.  He is getting confident in the water.

A great little hike down into the Greenbelt proves fun for Arlo. Love the spring when there is flowing water down there! Perfect for him at 2.5 years old.

Happy Half Birthday Thatcher-Mo

My family celebrated half birthdays growing up. 

It was usually something small but special, maybe a half day with just Dad and me, or a half an ice cream sundae. One time I was saving my money for a bike and my parents pitched in the other half. My sisters and I loved the tradition. 

As a parent, half years fell good to. This has been a challenging 6 months. It's been a real milestone for Thatcher too. He always wants to be engaged, or play, or do something!  Enough of this napping all the time!

Final Countdown

We are getting close to baby number 2, and to be honest, I'm really dying to know if Arlo gets to grow up with a brother or a sister.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I see it from our perspective as well, just having so much fun with Arlo I can't wait to understand how this will change our family dynamic.  

Here's Amber and Arlo just before we have #2under2ina2/2 

Born and Raised in Austin

So, I'm a transplant here in ATX, just like many of our friends.  I have a few buddies that can claim they are local and have seen this city change and grow.  So it's pretty cool to see Arlo playing around like a little Austinite.  He has many local adventures ahead, little Austin baby. 

Generations Beach House

A post from the road.  Amber, Arlo and I took a nice walk this morning.  We are staying at Generations Beach House in the 30A area of Florida's Panhandle.  I'm also trying out my new toy, the Sony NEX-7 and so far am digging it.  Here's a couple of shots from this morning, I'm sure there will be more to come. 

Amber, Arlo and Justin

Amber and Arlo

Christmas Trees!

I'm wanting to document the rad trees Amber has had around the house this year.  We are even more stoked to be celebrating Christmas now that Arlo is around.  This year, he will be together with his 6 cousins, I'm sure they have a lot to teach him!

Main Christmas tree in the front room.

Secondary tree showcases all our family and friend's Christmas cards.  OK, Amber put ours on top...

Arlo Fletcher's Newborn Shoot

My very talented sister, Marian Adrian and her camera spent some time with Arlo Fletcher.  We think the results turned out great!  What do you think?  

Thanks sis!!!