The Ross Boys on the Zilker Zephyr

This weekend was so nice, I decided to take the boys to Zilker, right when we got there the train was pulling away.  

None of us had risen it before, so we hopped on.  Thatcher wanted to be a big boy and refused to sit in my lap, only on the seat like his big brother.  He even kept pushing my arm and hand away when I wrapped it around him.

Arlo's biggest concern was if there would be a tunnel.  He loved fearing the thing.  Think it was related to a Planes scene where Dusty tries to fly through a tunnel and nearly head ons a train. 

An impromptu stop at Zilker landed us on the Zephyr for their first time. Wish I had my GoPro, but the iPhone will have to do;)

Hiking the Greenbelt

This spring has been extremely wet, and Arlo and I are taking advantage.  There 's a great little spot in the Greenbelt and the water is the perfect depth for Arlo right now.  I was able to let him play on his own without too much concern.  He is getting confident in the water.

A great little hike down into the Greenbelt proves fun for Arlo. Love the spring when there is flowing water down there! Perfect for him at 2.5 years old.

International Epilepsy Day

Today is International Epilepsy Awareness Day.  

Amber has been diagnosed with late onset generalized Epilepsy.  She had her first seizure on August 13th, 2014, while she was 37.5 weeks pregnant with Thatcher.  We got to meet him a couple of hours after her seizure and everybody seemed certain her event was a pregnancy related eclamptic seizure and they were discharged with a clean bill of health.  A very scary day, followed by tremendous joy.

18 days later she had another seizure at the breakfast table.  "Everybody gets 1 seizure in their life. Once you have 2 unprovoked seizures, you've got Epilepsy," so I'm told by the neurologists.

Amber has had 5 seizures in the last 7 months.  They are tonic-clonic seizures, formerly called grand mal seizures, but are the ones you see on tv.  They are scary, but we've been lucky she hasn't hurt herself more than she has (fractured rib, compression fractures in her vertebrates).  

We are working with neurologists to minimize the chance of seizures through medication.  From what we understand, Epilepsy effects everybody differently, and so do the drugs.  The struggle is to find the right drug, or combination of drugs, that suppress the seizures with the least amount of side effects.

Having 2 little boys, Arlo is now almost 2.5 and Thatcher is 7 months, is stressful.  Having Epilepsy is stressful.  I have so much respect to my wife and those like her.  Thanks to all the family, friends and collegues who have been so helpful thus far, and to those whom we will call upon for help in the future.

I'm sure she would love your well wishes, I'd be happy to answer any questions.  

Happy Half Birthday Thatcher-Mo

My family celebrated half birthdays growing up. 

It was usually something small but special, maybe a half day with just Dad and me, or a half an ice cream sundae. One time I was saving my money for a bike and my parents pitched in the other half. My sisters and I loved the tradition. 

As a parent, half years fell good to. This has been a challenging 6 months. It's been a real milestone for Thatcher too. He always wants to be engaged, or play, or do something!  Enough of this napping all the time!