5D Mark III

I really do love cameras.  I guess I always have.  I can remember the old school DSLR's my mom and grandmother had back in the day vividly.  When I got into high school I was all about Mary Ann Palmer's video class.  We used VHS cameras.  I had a chance to use the Cannon 5D Mark 3 over the weekend and had so much fun playing with it with the kids.  I had the L-series 24-70 f2.8 lens on and the thing was s fast.  The first series the kids are playing freeze tag and each photo is in focus.  Minimal post done in Lightroom.

Happy Half Birthday Thatcher-Mo

My family celebrated half birthdays growing up. 

It was usually something small but special, maybe a half day with just Dad and me, or a half an ice cream sundae. One time I was saving my money for a bike and my parents pitched in the other half. My sisters and I loved the tradition. 

As a parent, half years fell good to. This has been a challenging 6 months. It's been a real milestone for Thatcher too. He always wants to be engaged, or play, or do something!  Enough of this napping all the time!

Final Countdown

We are getting close to baby number 2, and to be honest, I'm really dying to know if Arlo gets to grow up with a brother or a sister.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I see it from our perspective as well, just having so much fun with Arlo I can't wait to understand how this will change our family dynamic.  

Here's Amber and Arlo just before we have #2under2ina2/2 

River Rats

What an honor.  I was invited to join the River Rats, a group of men 31 years in the making.  In 1983, Jay Kauffman's dad, Al Kauffman, and his gang of misfit buddies took a river trip on the Stillwater River in Montana and started an annual tradition.  The group has grown to over 60 rats and spans 2 generations now.  

Rats on Suicide Summit

It is so big that this year the group split up, and original Rat member Sam Pfiester's son, Austin Pfiester put the trip together for the mostly younger generation.  Austin chose the Snake River running through Hell's Canyon, which creates the border of Idaho and Oregon.  We took whitewater rafts over 5 days, 4 camps, and some 60+ miles looking for trout, bass and sturgeon.  Winding Waters River Expeditions were our guides, but really much more than that.  We ate well, fished hard, never paddled, swam, snorkeled, kayaked, SUP, and celebrated life, summer and tradition in the mountains.  It was a pleasure being on the river with such a crew.

There's more photos being shared, and I'm working my way through a ton of GoPro footage, and so far, there's some really good stuff, including sturgeon footage.  I will post the video below when it's finished.   A-O River!

Arlo Fletcher's Newborn Shoot

My very talented sister, Marian Adrian and her camera spent some time with Arlo Fletcher.  We think the results turned out great!  What do you think?  

Thanks sis!!!