Taxa Inc., Makers of the Cricket Trailer

I had the opportunity to work with Taxa Inc., the makers of the Cricket Trailer, in collaboration with Dell Precision to show how they are leveraging technology to improve the camping experience.  Love how Garrett is taking his background as a NASA Architect and using it to design small places for those looking for adventure. 

Below are the other videos I produced in this series, #PurposeBuilt. 

There will be one more profile in this series and we are all very excited to release it soon!

Paddling the Lower Colorado


Believe we have found my favorite little run close to Austin, the Lower Colorado from Little Webberville to Big Webberville Park, in...wait for it...Webberville.

Flow was 399cfs below Longhorn and about 450cfs at Bastrop.  Their was plenty of water, as we never had to get out of the boat to drag her.  Obviously a lot of bass in the water, TJ landed one on his and the first cast of the day.  I, however, will have to work a little harder next time to get them in the boat.  

After the 1st stretch, the river forks, and most of the water was moving to the right.  This is a really nice island and a good place to fish.  We will spend more time on that section of the river, and paddle through the top and bottom sections next time.