Dell Rugged Tablet 2 - Baydelta Maritime

This is one of my productions at Dell that I'm the most proud of.  It wasn't the biggest budget, but it was a stellar and small team, working with an amazing customer.  Baydelta Maritime granted us full access to their crew for 3 days.  We flew drones, played captain, and told a great story.  

Baydelta Maritime chose Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablets because in the high traffic and harsh conditions of the San Francisco Bay, failure is unacceptable.

Dell Gaming Upper Funnel

I produced this, and coming soon, a number of versions for an upper funnel campaign to showcase Dell's gaming hardware lineup.

Yesterday, my video is playing on the masthead and as of this morning it has over 4 million views!

Whatever level you're on, you're one of us. Get deeper in the game with powerful technology by Dell and Alienware. Learn more at

This production was a large scale coordination.  We worked with Anonymous Content from LA and Director John X. Carey and Jason McCormick as our Director of Photography.  Leslie Owen was our Producer from Anonymous and she was so awesome.  Local production in Mexico City was facilitated by Spectrum Films Mexico.  Custom music was composed by Justin Tapp of Group Therapy. Post Production was handled by Cut + Run and they couldn't have been better to work with.  

Check out our production in Mexico City.

We have more Dell Gaming spots rolling out and I will be adding them here.  

Don't just play.  Game. 

Silver ADDY for Dell Precision Rugged Tablet

I was honored this week to be recognized with a Silver Addy for my work as a Co-Producer showcasing the Dell Precision Rugged Tablet, along with a tremendous @DellBlue team.  Shot over a week in Alaska, the Dell Blue Photo and Video team knocked it out of the park.


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You can see the work we did in the 2 videos below, really thought these turned out great.

Hello, World!

This is a production I am extremely proud of.  In my experience, one of the most challenging videos to pre-produce, but also one of the most well executed.  Cheers!

Award winners @icekuhler and @steve4ustin at #atxaddys. Cheers to us!

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Dell Blue took home a total of 4 Addy's, proud to be a part of the team.

Taxa Inc., Makers of the Cricket Trailer

I had the opportunity to work with Taxa Inc., the makers of the Cricket Trailer, in collaboration with Dell Precision to show how they are leveraging technology to improve the camping experience.  Love how Garrett is taking his background as a NASA Architect and using it to design small places for those looking for adventure. 

Below are the other videos I produced in this series, #PurposeBuilt. 

There will be one more profile in this series and we are all very excited to release it soon!